Month: July 2015

  • Well then. Flickr re-launches Flickr Pro.

    Earli­er today flickr re-launched flickr Pro — the premi­um tier online photo archiv­ing and shar­ing ser­vice now owned by Yahoo! We’re excited to unveil the new Flickr Pro for both exist­ing and new mem­bers of our com­munity, a sub­scrip­tion that offers improved stats, brings back our Pro badge, and more. Source: Hey there, Flickr Pro, nice to…

  • Testing a new plugin suite — Shortcake Bakery

    Short­cake Bakery uses the Short­cake plu­gin and extends use of Word­Press short­codes. Makes embed­ding con­tent in my blog pretty easy.   [face­book url=“”] The above video link from Face­book via the Short­cake Bakery. Last week, Daniel Bach­huber and the engin­eer­ing team at Fusion releasedShort­cake Bakery, a plu­gin that extends the Short­cake pro­ject to sup­ply a…

  • New Horizons’ Pluto Flyby

    After nine years and three bil­lion miles, NASA’s New Hori­zons space­craft zipped past Pluto and its five moons on Tues­day morning. Source: New Hori­zons’ Pluto Flyby — The New York Times