Month: November 2012

  • Cool! Mr. D gets the Google Doodle treatment!

    A Cana­dian TV icon today was hon­oured with a Google Doodle (on the .ca Google page any­way) on what would have been his 85th birth­day; Ernie Coombs was bet­ter known as Mr. Dressup.

  • Just because…

    Saw this Star Wars / Call Me Maybe mashup and could­n’t res­ist. It’s that kind of day 🙂  

  • Still not using your iPhone for ‘serious’ photography?

    Earli­er this year I man­aged to catch the Cre­at­ive­Live iPhoneo­graphy Work­shop with Jack Hollings­worth — well worth my time. I learned a lot and saw how oth­ers use the iPhone as a cre­at­ive pho­to­graphy tool. Today I found this cool video by Jack Hollings­worth talk­ing about how his pho­to­graphy life was changed by the iPhone.…

  • And, there goes more free time this weekend thanks to Guild Wars 2.

    Looks like there’s a one-time-only event sched­uled for this week­end. Giv­en my lack of par­ti­cip­a­tion in the recent Hal­loween event, I’d bet­ter make sure I’m on hand to represent. Guild Wars 2: The Lost Shores is the title of it, and judging by the trail­er, it looks to be very very ‘inter­est­ing’.  

  • Canadarm: Today’s Google Doodle

    Very cool of the fine folks at Google to recog­nize the 31st anniversary of the Cana­darm’s use in space with today’s Google Doodle.

  • The droids I’m looking for? Maybe.

    This is what you get when you marry two hugely suc­cess­ful enter­tain­ment genres — a Star Wars fla­voured Angry Birds game. Actu­ally, it’s kinda fun 😉 but with all the dif­fer­ent Star Wars things these days, my memor­ies of the ori­gin­al films is kinda grow­ing murky. Did Luke have a beak? Or was it more…