Month: June 2011

  • Almost bought this, and now it’s free!

    Valve has just removed pri­cing from Team Fort­ress 2 — the sem­in­al multi-play­er first-per­son shoot­er — in Steam, Valve’s online game dis­tri­bu­tion network. Pre­vi­ously I’d been a Bat­tle­field Her­oes fan, but got busy and had little time for it. Now, with TF2 being free, and hav­ing a bit more time avail­able, I may just give…

  • Memories of Flight.

    Cre­ated: June 07, 2011 at 11:58AM — from Ins­tagram:

  • 2012? Now what the f*#k are we supposed to do?

    Yep, looks like Ali­ens: Colo­ni­al Mar­ines will be released in 2012 — great news for any­one want­ing to go on a bug hunt. Of course, when I saw this teas­er video, I just had to share it: