4 Reasons I’m looking forward to Halo Reach

Yep, it’s out today (at 00:00 hrs technically), and no, I don’t have a copy, yet.

My wife and I have been big fans of the Halo franchise since we started playing it co-op on the original Xbox years ago when it came out. Multi-player was never our thing, but co-op, now there’s fun.

So yes, I’ll be picking it up soon, and yes, there will be many evenings when we’re ensconced in our basement, a nice romantic fire, and the gentle sound of gunfire and grenades — good times.

And here’s four reasons why:

1. Huge storyline and story
Though this is the last Halo game that Bungie (the game’s developers) will be producing, Halo Reach actually takes place earlier in the series story arc — weeks before the events portrayed in Halo: Combat evolvled, the first Halo game.

By being a sort-of prequel, I’m expecting to understand more of the game universe — and will also cause me to dust off my Halo, Halo2 and Halo 3 discs to play through those games again. I don’t have ODST, but am tempted to pick it up to be a completionist :smileyhappy:

2. Familiar universe and gameplay
As I mentioned above, I’m familiar with the Halo experience. This means I don’t really have to learn a new control system, learn how to navigate the world, and how enemies react. I’m guessing that’s 30% of the learning curve, and I’ve already got it down. Bring it on!

3. Co-op
The BEST part of the Halo series so far. Co-op gameplay lets you and friends help each other through the challenges of the game. Halo was really the first FPS my wife and I could enjoy together. Gears of War also does this well, but Halo has a special place in my heart as a thing we can do ‘together’.

4. Quality
Game after game, Bungie has won awards for each version of Halo, all of them point to a quality title that doesn’t disappoint. No matter what my level of FPS skill was, the Halo series always managed to challenge and keep me entertained.

Well, I’m sure there are more good reasons for checking it out, but for me those are the big ones. How ‘bout you? Why will you be picking up Halo Reach?

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