Saving time with Text Replacement utilities

I write a lot. Blog posts, pro­pos­als, reports, reviews, email…you get the pic­ture. Often times I end up cre­at­ing new doc­u­ments that share sim­il­ar format or con­tent, and I cut-and-paste from older docs into new­er ones. But I’m lazy, and always look­ing for easi­er ways to get the job done… I’m Lazy Over the past […]

Office 2010 Reviews coming soon, I promise..

Today’s the day that Microsoft’s update to the ven­er­able Office pro­ductiv­ity suite is avail­able world wide, for pur­chase — the beta has been avail­able for over a year as an extens­ive pub­lic release / test. But I’ve not used Microsoft Office on my home com­puters since early 2000, elect­ing to go with Open Office and […]