Cool Desktop: Spectrum of a Tree

My wife has been using this image as a desktop back­ground for about a year now, but recently I took a good look at it.

Ini­tially I thought this was simply a photo of a tree in sil­hou­ette, sliced, col­our­ized and laid out as you see it.

But on closer inspec­tion, it seems that these are shots of the tree, at vari­ous times and sea­sons, with dif­fer­ent col­oured sky in the back­ground. The web­site doesn’t really have detail on how the image was cre­ated.

The pho­to­graph­er also cre­ated Spec­trum of the Sky — but I like the Tree bet­ter.

A collection of my desktop images

Recently I’ve been reor­gan­iz­ing my image lib­rar­ies, and came across a few that I’ve used as desktop images.

I don’t claim to have shot all these, just mod­i­fied them from their ori­gin­al size to fit my desktop.

Rather than hav­ing them all over the blog, I’ve built a page to host them

So if you’re inter­ested in see­ing some images I’ve been using to décor­ate my desktop, then click on through.

3 windows applications improve your desktop’s appearance

Lately I’ve been try­ing to keep my win­dows desktop icon and clut­ter free. In my case, this has meant that I’ve been sav­ing less to my desktop (my default save-to loc­a­tion) and more to work­ing dir­ect­or­ies. And, since a cluttered desktop reflects a cluttered mind, I like to think of this as a bit of per­son­al men­tal-floss. …more

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