Almost bought this, and now it’s free!

Valve has just removed pricing from Team Fortress 2 — the seminal multi-player first-person shooter — in Steam, Valve’s online game distribution network.

Previously I’d been a Battlefield Heroes fan, but got busy and had little time for it. Now, with TF2 being free, and having a bit more time available, I may just give it a whirl.

And if you’d previously purchased TF2, no worries, you have exclusive access to special content not available to us free-loaders 😉

My most anticipated game of 2011 [Video]

Portal 2

I loved Portal. It was a challenging, entertaining and darkly humourous puzzle game in a First Person Shooter style.

And later this month, Valve will release Portal 2. Yes, it’s more Fun, with Science!

Basically, you have a gun that creates a portable hole that is a gateway to another portable hole. The Blue-ringed hole is matched with the Orange-ringed hole. What goes in a Blue hole, comes out an Orange hole.

Your challenge is to work through increasingly difficult mazes. To what end? Well, that would be telling!

Simple. Then it gets complex! Check out this new video, and previous Portal2 videos below!

And a demo of one of the new game-play elements – bounce!

The April launch date can’t come soon enough. Available on Steam, and in the regular retail channels, on PC, OSX, and consoles.

Open the Portal. Discover a new game. Yes it’s free!

Unless you’ve not been paying attention to the first-person-shooter or puzzle game genres over the last few years, you’re quite aware of what Portal is. But just incase you fall into that aforementioned category, let me quote from … …more

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