Review: Drobo FS Network Storage Array

Wow, that title’s a mouth­ful — Net­work Stor­age Array — but don’t let that tech­n­ic­al-jar­gony sound­ing term scare you, this Drobo FS device is really as easy to use as your Fridge. And for me, that’s a Holy Grail — some­thing that you use and basic­ally for­get the com­plex­ity. Whut? But let me back up […]

Three tools to trick out your digital darkroom

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a photo geek. I’ve been tak­ing pic­tures since I was old enough to under­stand what f‑stop was, and had my first wet dark­room in my par­ents base­ment bath­room before I was out of ele­ment­ary school — and no, I was­n’t held back 🙂 So I’ve been fol­low­ing […]

Portable computing with Portable Apps

Not every­one wants to lug a laptop around with them between classes or across town to a study ses­sion at the lib­rary. Or per­haps you’re mov­ing between a work com­puter, your home com­puter and a remote work­s­ite com­puter, yet want to make sure you’ve got your suite of reg­u­lar-use tools at hand (’cause you cer­tainly […]