The ‘best music player ever’ gets hardware

The fol­low­ing post is a Quick­Hit™ — an art­icle or post I found online and thought was import­ant enough to share dir­ectly with you. Of course, you’ll see my thoughts or opin­ions pre­pen­ded or appen­ded to this post, oth­er­wise I’m just scrap­ing con­tent, and that’s not the intent. Tech­Crunch is report­ing that Song­bird has a […]

Best music player ever gets an update

I caught Song­bird’s updated (back in June) but had­n’t paid atten­tion to what was new with it. I wrote about the pre­vi­ous update here and loved the fact that Song­bird finally got watched folders. Well, it seems that in this latest update there was one sig­ni­fic­ant new fea­ture (for me). Song­bird added an Equal­izer. This […]

Best music player ever. Songbird 1.1.1 now with watched folders.

I’ve writ­ten before about Song­bird, the free, open-source music play­er based on the Moz­illa / Fire­Fox plat­form. Basic­ally Song­bird rocks. Well, now there’s extra-new-and-improved Song­bird good­ness as the update was released this even­ing, with the one sig­ni­fic­ant fea­ture it’s been lack­ing up ’till now — the ‘Watched Folder’ fea­ture. To quote from the song­bird release […]

Songbird solves my multi-multimedia player dilemma

Between home and work, I have vari­ous Win­dows, Linux and Macin­tosh com­puters. I cent­ral­ize my media on a Net­work Attached Stor­age (NAS) device, access­ible by all. As you can ima­gine, I use dif­fer­ent media play­ers on all. My biggest hurdle has been con­sist­ency in user exper­i­ence. I’ve had to run iTunes on the Mac, Win­amp, […]