Norton Identity Safe — a personal online security suite

In this increas­ingly secur­ity con­scious online world, con­sciously prac­ti­cing online secur­ity is becom­ing more and more dif­fi­cult. How many of us use the same pass­word, or set of pass­words for many of our online activ­it­ies? Or look have soft­ware license keys stored in ran­dom loc­a­tions? And have yet anoth­er browser app or plu­gin to help […]

Commerce in a post-Wikileaks economy

You’ve likely seen the news that Visa, Mas­ter­card, PayP­al and oth­ers
are under dis­trib­uted deni­al of ser­vice (DDOS) attacks by folk who feel
that WikiLeaks head­man Juli­an Assange is being per­se­cuted for
dis­trib­ut­ing sens­it­ive inform­a­tion he…

Keeping the Internet safe, one browser at a time

Microsoft’s Inter­net Explorer browser has­n’t been my daily work browser for many years, and I can­’t see that chan­ging any­time soon. There are many reas­ons that I’m not going to go into, but these days it’s mostly about what I’m famil­i­ar with. From the sat­is­fac­tion num­bers I’ve seen, IE is still quite the power­house browser-of-choice […]

The browser you’re using right now is actually tracking your online activity

An inter­est­ing news release by the Elec­troinc Fron­ti­er Found­a­tion last week shows that anonym­ous web surf­ing may not be as anonym­ous as pre­vi­ously thought. Due to each browser­’s unique char­ac­ter­ist­ics and con­fig­ur­a­tion (fonts avail­able, screen size, IP related inform­a­tion etc) it seems that many browsers cre­ate a unique ‘fin­ger­print’ that can be used to track […]

Getting Twitter Spam? Here’s how I deal with it

This is the second part of a post series I star­ted a few days ago, deal­ing with Twit­ter spam. How to avoid becom­ing a Twit­ter spam­mer [part one] How to deal with Twit­ter spam [this art­icle] What got me think­ing about it was the recent spate of incom­ing DM tweets from trus­ted people I fol­low. […]

How to avoid becoming a Twitter spammer, the easy way

Over the last few weeks I’ve been receiv­ing spam on Twit­ter from trus­ted people I fol­low. It’s not that they’ve all been over­come by the need to mon­et­ize their Twit­ter accounts (there, I said mon­et­ize in a blog post, I’m doomed), rather, they’ve fallen vic­tim to diabol­ic­ally-craf­ted account phish­ing schemes and their Twit­ter accounts are […]

How to use a webcam as a home security camera

Over the years as I’ve acquired vari­ous bits of hard­ware, I’ve some­how ended up with a few ‘extra’ web­cams. Not really want­ing them to lan­guish in my parts bin, I figured I’d take a stab at set­ting them up as home secur­ity cam­er­as. And, I wanted to check out what my dogs were up to […]