Apple Tablet prediction as a game

So, tomor­row’s the big day that Apple lifts the veil on pro­jects under devel­op­ment and ready for release in the next year. The myth­ic­al Tab­let is likely the biggest announce­ment tomor­row, and tech­no­logy pun­dits have not been shy in pre­dict­ing what the device will have (or not). This all sounds too ser­i­ous to me, so […]

How the Apple Tablet can really succeed

Giv­en that Apple isn’t really pay­ing atten­tion to my mus­ings, I’m rather free to go on about things I *think* they can do to make their products, and make them bet­ter. I’ve been fol­low­ing Apple’s tab­let designs since the New­ton Mes­sage pad. An inter­est­ing device, yet not very prac­tic­al. I’m com­pletely smit­ten by my iPod […]