Kodak All-in-One is awesome asset in the digital darkroom

Man that sucker’s huge”, was my first thought as I unboxed Kodak’s new flag­ship All-In-One photo print­er. But that stands to reas­on, as the Kodak ESP 9250 All-in One Print­er (hence­forth known as ‘the 9250’ or ‘Kodak Unit’), does a lot more than just print. And that’s why it’s so hard to write about these […]

Print? Scan? Copy? Fax? It’s covered!

I had an oppor­tun­ity to put one of the new Broth­er multi-func­tion
print­er devices through it’s paces, and over­all, I liked what I saw.Priced as an entry level unit, the Broth­er MFC-J615W (that’s a mouth­ful, why can’t they…

Cute name. Cute scanner. Great value.

I have two dogs, mini­ature Daschunds. They’re about 6 inches tall at the shoulder and about 14 inches longs. Wein­er dogs. Dox­ies. I now have a scan­ner, and it’s a Dox­ie too! It’s about 2 inches tall, and about 10 inches long. Appro­pri­ately named. But the name doesn’t do justice to the scan­ner itself. The Dox­ie is one cool […]