Aiiee! The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing. Too much temptation.

Over the last few years I’ve become more of a fan of Steam and a couple of oth­er online deliv­ery ser­vices for my PC gam­ing needs. I can­’t actu­ally remem­ber the last PC game I bought in a brick-and-mort­er store for my desktop. And now, the Steam Sum­mer Sale is reach­ing its mid-point and so […]

It’s Computer Shopping Season — Tech Types in demand.

It seems that around this time of year, the dog days of sum­mer, friends and rel­at­ives start pinging me with ques­tions about buy­ing new com­puter hard­ware. I’ve come to call this time of year Com­puter Shop­ping Sea­son. My own unscientif­ic obser­va­tions of this trend have con­cluded that there’s a bit of a mar­ket­ing push hap­pen­ing […]