5 days left to win a webOS 2.0 powered Palm Pre 2 phone!

Well then, think there’s enough rel­ev­ant keywords in that post title? 😀 Good, because I really do want to make sure this little phone goes to a good home. WebOS2 is a funky little OS, and hard­ware run­ning it is very slick. So why not take a chance and enter the con­test — who knows, […]

I’m giving away a Palm Pre 2

Time for anoth­er Life­style Tech­no­logy giveaway con­test — and this time the prize is one very cool Palm Pre 2 and a few accessor­ies, worth around $500.00. 😀 Over the last few weeks I’ve had a chance to put the Palm Pre 2 through it’s paces and found it to be a sol­id smart­phone. And […]

Want to get more ReTweets (RT)?

I just had a quick con­ver­sa­tion with a friend about ReTweets. Not enough for a full blog post, but an idea I did­n’t want to not write about. The concept is to leave enough room so that any­one who wants to retweet you does­n’t have to work to do it. Here’s a simple for­mula I […]