PHOSPHOR PEDOPHILES (The New Evil of the Electronic Age)

The Globe & Mail — Tech­no­logy
Novem­ber 1999 — 2080 words

“Do you want to see some pic­tures? Some fun and naughty ones?”. Before Patty73 could reply, anoth­er line appeared; “Erin19 is a 19/f look­ing for some cute young girls to trade self-nudes and more…Msg Me”. Then anoth­er ” GOTO for 100% free porn, no age check”

Line after line of cryptic text sim­il­ar to what you’d find in the per­son­al sec­tion of a taw­dry tabloid appeared on Patty73’s screen. Scrolling upward on the mon­it­or, multi-line advert­ise­ments for porn Web­sites, FTP serv­ers, and Fservs were con­stantly appear­ing, and being replaced by yet anoth­er appeal; “The first 100% FREE PORN SITE with nev­er before seen Pamela Ander­son pics!…Sex stor­ies, Live video stream, 100% free!…All you would ever need to get off!!…NO cred­it card checks and/or age veri­fic­a­tions…”

In a quiet room in down­town Edmon­ton, Patty73 stares at the con­sole; face bathed in the soft glow from the screen and not really sur­prised by the pas­sion­ate mes­sages from people who spe­cial­ize in col­lect­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing child por­no­graphy.

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