Revisiting an old friend

It’s a new year, so the slate is clean and there’s lots of new things to try. Or old things that dropped off the radar to revisit.

In my case, it’s photography and image processing. I used to enjoy working in a wet darkroom and watching images materialize on paper. That was years and many moves ago. My wet gear has long since vanished, and my attention turned to other things.

Recently, you’ll have noticed I’ve started exploring iPad Darkroom apps and technology — and have once again become interested in making and enhancing images in post production.

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My iPhone accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express…

Yes it’s true. Not too far in the future, my Garage Sale will take credit card payments. Courtesy of a neat invention that you knew someone had to invent; the Square iPhone dongle. The premise is pretty simple:

  • Plug it into your iPhone
  • Swipe a credit card to complete a transaction

Square announced the device earlier, but recently launched a bit more promotion around it. TechCrunch had this to say:

Think paypal, but anyone can now accept physical credit card payments, too. With no contracts or monthly fees. People are sent receipts by text and email.

And according to the LA Times:

Beginning sometime early next year, Dorsey wants everyone to use Square.
“I think we’re going to give the Squares away for free,” Dorsey said on the phone from San Francisco on Tuesday, “because they’re pretty cheap for us to make.”

I’m thinking this is a pretty nifty device. It’ll help boost sales for mobile data devices, be they Android or iPhone flavoured. And the business model seems well thought out; the barriers to entry are pretty minimal.

0 to $60 in under 10 seconds.
Start accepting payment cards immediately with Square. No contracts, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Effortlessly manage all the money you take with an easy and intuitive interface.

Given the PayPal, eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji nature of the modern marketplace, I can see this device really taking off for folks who don’t really want to shell out for a full-blown bank merchant credit card account.

Square is a game-changer, and will be in your future too.