Unleash your inner Spielberg

I’m sure all of us have, at one point or anoth­er, dreamed of releas­ing that movie dir­ect­or deep inside, and mak­ing our own movie, com­plete with music and spe­cial effects. Well, if your dream is to make one that hearkens back to the golden days of silent cinema, then I’ve got an inex­pens­ive app for […]

Oldschool Awesome — Sword and Sworcery brings it!

With an allu­sion to a massive psy­cho­lo­gic­al exper­i­ment, the new Super­broth­ers Role Play­ing Game release, Sword & Swor­cery, brings a new / old 8bit look to iPad gam­ing. Oh, and the game can integ­rate with your Twit­ter account, extend­ing the game­play into the Social Media world. While I down­load the app and start play­ing (for […]

My most anticipated game of 2011 [Video]

I loved Portal. It was a chal­len­ging, enter­tain­ing and darkly humour­ous puzzle game in a First Per­son Shoot­er style. And later this month, Valve will release Portal 2. Yes, it’s more Fun, with Sci­ence! Basic­ally, you have a gun that cre­ates a port­able hole that is a gate­way to anoth­er port­able hole. The Blue-ringed hole […]

iPad and iPhone used in Christmas Concert

I’m always a suck­er for iPad and iPhone ‘instru­ment’ videos, so here’s anoth­er — an iBand per­form­ing at a com­munity church. North Point’s iBand from North Point Web. Though the instru­ments are vir­tu­al, the musi­cian­ship is real. Well done!

I read the news today (oh boy)

If you’ve been without power and not heard the news today, The Beatles music lib­rary is now avail­able from Apple’s iTunes store for down­load. Joy. No, I’m not overly enthused by this, as I already own digit­al cop­ies of all the Beatles music that I’m inter­ested in. I bought them on CD years ago, and […]

Did the Monkey steal the crown?

Last year I del­cared Song­bird, the multi-plat­­form media play­er and organ­izer the Best Music Play­er Ever. Now, there’s a chal­lenger for the title, at least in the Win­dows / PC arena; Media­Mon­key. …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full post here.

Mama’s got a Squeezebox

When I was offered a chance to review the Logit­ech Squeeze­box Radio, I believe my exact response was ‘hell yeah!’, because this thing exem­pli­fies a geek gad­get. But wait, it looks like an appli­ance… …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full […]