Cool! Online lighting diagram creator — photography

The fol­low­ing post is a Quick­Hit™ — an art­icle or post I found online and thought was import­ant enough to share dir­ectly with you. Of course, you’ll see my thoughts or opin­ions pre­pen­ded or appen­ded to this post, oth­er­wise I’m just scrap­ing con­tent, and that’s not the intent. I’m look­ing for tools to help me […]

It was a dark and stormy morning

It’s been said that the best cam­era is the one you have with you — heck it’s even the title of a book on iPhone pho­to­graphy. Which makes sense, because you can eas­ily stumble across a nifty scene, as I did here, and not be able to cap­ture it if you don’t have a cam­era […]

How to make a Polaroid from any digital image

Even though Polar­oid instant cam­era and film packs are no longer being made by the Polar­oid Cor­por­a­tion, you can get that same look on your digit­al pho­tos with Once upon a time you had to manu­ally cre­ate these things in Adobe Pho­toshop or GIMP. Not any more. Basic­ally, Rol­lip takes your image and does […]

Lucky with sunsets lately

Over the past few days I’ve been test­ing out a cool device, the Eye-Fi SD card. It’s a cam­er­a’s memory card that uses Wi-Fi to upload pho­tos to your net­work, or a web­site. I’ll have a full in-depth review in a bit, but for now, just know that it’s a neat device 😉 UPDATE: Sep.15.09 […]

Launching a photoblog

I’ve been want­ing to do this for a while, but had­n’t really had a val­id reas­on to ‘get me going’ on it. Until now, and the recent vaca­tion my wife and I took to Que­bec. is the URL of the pho­tob­log that’ll con­tain images, gal­ler­ies and posts. Sounds like any reg­u­lar blog right? Well, […]

Top of the World Provincial Park (2008)

I decided to take a scan through some pho­tos from earli­er this year. This one from our sum­mer vaca­tion stuck with me as one that I could play with. And I did. Using Light­room again. A bit of Sepia. A bit of dodging and burn­ing, and I’m rather pleased with the res­ult. There’s an east­er […]