My iOS App Picks for 2014 – iOS Photo Apps

I tend to keep my photography over on iPadDarkroom, but since I’m writing about iOS photo apps that I’ve discovered or have dominated my work this year, it seemed fitting to look at apps that have influenced my photo work.

You’ve likely seen some work created with these apps before, but they’re worth profiling again as my picks because they’ve stood head-and-shoulders above the other apps in the photo editor / filter space.

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WeeklyBeats7 – Cold Night

Cover for my latest submission to WeeklyBeats 2014. Wanted to go for an atmospheric sound again, something more ambient. Maybe this worked. Maybe not, but it came out as a complete unit. Also tried sticking to a small ‘band’. In this case used instruments from SampleTank: Blue Phaser electric piano, Xpander Phat synth pad, Cosmic Pad synth pad, and Minimoog echo 2 synth lead.

Also brought in some Abstract Atmosphere 50 from Garageband — which I used as my DAW.

Image is from something I took out the window a bunch of years ago. Loved the light pillars in the minus 40 weather.


Thought I’d make a treatment of our ‘UNDERDOG’, Bogart. The Underdog concept came from a post by our CaliCan Rescue honcho, Rene. He was in a restaurant in California, on a trip to pick up a new pack of rescues, and after explaining to the waiter why he was there, the waiter replied; ‘Thank you for saving the Underdogs’. Bogart is our UNDERDOG.

Still not using your iPhone for ‘serious’ photography?

Earlier this year I managed to catch the CreativeLive iPhoneography Workshop with Jack Hollingsworth — well worth my time. I learned a lot and saw how others use the iPhone as a creative photography tool.

Today I found this cool video by Jack Hollingsworth talking about how his photography life was changed by the iPhone. Take a moment and check it out for yourself — especially if you’re still thinking that this little device isn’t a ‘real’ camera ūüėČ



Paper pocket organizer inclined toward photographers

Thought I’d take a moment and post a pocket paper organizer (I know, me, and paper? How low tech!) I’ve been working with.

Basically, something to keep me on track, and write on when I quickly need to jot a note or something.

Has the 2012 calendar which, if I remember, I’ll update to 2013.

To use, just fold on the lines. And cut on the dotted line in the centre.

Download the PDF here.

50 year old infographic shows NASA’s first manned forray into space

Loving the way today's NASA image of the day looks on my desktop.

NASA’s Image of the Day Gallery provided this cool infographic showing Alan Shepard’s brief flight into space — America’s first.

It appeared magically on my desktop courtesy of John’s Background Switcher — a cool windows desktop wallpaper application that manages and displays many image sources.

A Photo Project, An Update, and a Contest?

Ear­lier today the folks behind one of my favourite iOS dig­i­tal dark­room apps (FX Photo Stu­dio) announced a great new col­lab­o­ra­tive pho­tog­ra­phy app and project, in the form of a contest:

As a ges­ture of appre­ci­a­tion to its loyal fans, Mac­Phun is also devel­op­ing the first ever jointly col­lab­o­rated, free stand­alone wall­pa­per app that will show­case user-submitted pho­tographs edited with FX Photo Stu­dio and other pho­tog­ra­phy iOS apps. With MacPhun’s sup­port, the app will pro­vide the ideal plat­form for aspir­ing artists and pho­tog­ra­phers to gain increased expo­sure for their work. To kick off the sub­mis­sion process, Mac­Phun will be hold­ing a two month pro­mo­tion on their Face­book page. Prizes include iTunes gift cards, photo print­ing gift vouch­ers and much more. For more infor­ma­tion on this con­test, please visit:

To help kick off this great idea, FX Photo Stu­dio & FX Photo Stu­dio HD have been updated to iOS 4.3 and now include a new fil­ter cat­e­gory, Sketches:

Mac¬≠Phun has col¬≠lab¬≠o¬≠rated with estab¬≠lished artists from North Amer¬≠ica and Europe to cre¬≠ate a new ‚Äúsketches‚ÄĚ cat¬≠e¬≠gory. The newly added cat¬≠e¬≠gory con¬≠sists of six cartoon-styled fil¬≠ters pro¬≠vid¬≠ing users with a total of 187 fil¬≠ters to mix, match and share with friends. The addi¬≠tion of more pre¬≠cise tun¬≠ing con¬≠trols for con¬≠trast¬≠ing, adjust¬≠ing hues and sharp¬≠en¬≠ing fil¬≠ters, pro¬≠vide even more unequiv¬≠o¬≠cal tools to users, mak¬≠ing one of the most use¬≠ful image edit¬≠ing apps on the mar¬≠ket, even better.

And to make it even eas¬≠ier for new iPhone and iPad2 pho¬≠tog¬≠ra¬≠phers, FX Photo Stu¬≠dio and FX Photo Stu¬≠dio HD will both be dis¬≠counted to $0.99 and $1.99, respec¬≠tively, for a very lim¬≠ited time.
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