Looking for a smart phone? Consider the Palm Pre 2. Seriously.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been checking out the Palm Pre 2 — the next generation keyboard / touch screen dataphone from HP. Previously I’d not considered a webOS phone much of a contender against the traditional leaders (Blackberry and iPhone), but this little unit changed my mind.


In this review, I’ll touch on the things that appealed (or didn’t) to me about the unit. I won’t be going into a long description about each and every feature though, so if you’re interested in that, you can read more here.

For a $99 phone (with 3 year contract) there’s a lot going on inside this little black box. Continue reading “Looking for a smart phone? Consider the Palm Pre 2. Seriously.”

Latest Ubuntu release unleashes my laptop

As some of you may know, my household server and my ageing Compaq Presario R3230CA laptop both run Ubuntu. Well imagine my surprise when the latest upgrade to Ubuntu (7.04 Feisty Fawn) activated the dormant WiFi hardware. Previous Ubuntu versions didn’t support the Broadcom 802.11g wireless, but judging from my happy results, the Feisty Fawn release does!


I’d been keeping Windows on the system to support my WiFi, but now, I can actually nuke it and run this puppy purely on Ubuntu. Sounds like an interesting experiment.

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Vista? Not on my desktop, thank you.

Hurray! Vista is released. Now we can all get back to doing whatever we were doing previously. Hype aside, I’m not excited about this release, for the following reasons;

  • My desktop, laptop and server aren’t ‘Vista Ready’,
  • I’m not going to invest to upgrade (my computers do what I need them to currently),
  • I run Ubuntu and XP, dual boot,
  • My media centres are first-generation Xboxes,
  • I don’t feel like being an unpaid beta-tester for Microsoft (I may be in a position to acquire a new computer with Vista when SP1 is released — as you know it will be),
  • Much of my existing software is not currently Vista compatible — I’ll have to upgrade to newer versions, yet another pain I don’t need.
  • Hardware drivers — I’ll have to upgrade to newer versions, if they exist (or wait until they’re made), or toast my hardware investment (joystick, game pad, scanner, printer…etc), yet another pain I don’t need.

And here’s a few news articles about the vista release and launch, should you need more reason to wait:

…and finally:

***UPDATE*** Mar. 23, ’09 Well, Vista came preinstalled on my new laptop. I’ve been using it for a few months, and am convinced it’s slower that the laptop could be. I’m considering a dual boot XP/Vista…just to verify it. Stay tuned, I’ll post about it if I go that way