Flipboard comes to the web — and my Gaming Magazine is featured!

Very cool! I’ve been cur­at­ing a Flip­board magazine for a few months now, gathered a mod­est fol­low­ing, and now that Flip­board magazine is fea­tured as Flip­board makes the huge leap to shar­ing magazines on the web!

On Gam­ing is fea­tured in the ‘Magazines we Love’ sec­tion of Flipboard’s Com­munity pro­filed pages.

So now, you don’t need to view Flip­board magazines only on mobile devices — you  can eas­ily find the with any web browser.



SoundCloud — Flickr for musicians?

SoundCloud Logo

Recently I’ve star­ted pok­ing around syn­thes­izer and music tech­no­logy on my iPad and desktop com­puter. I’ve not made any­thing note­worthy to share yet, but when I do, I’ll be using Sound­Cloud as one of my medi­ums to share.

Like Flickr you say?
Sound­Cloud is very much like Flickr — an online des­tin­a­tion where mem­bers upload and share con­tent.

In SoundCloud’s case, the con­tent shared is sound — be it music or sound effects or whatever! If it’s audio and is upload­able, then you’ll find it on Sound­Cloud. And embed­dable and share­able — here’s an example:

Smooth ipod (NanoStu­dio) by NiceTh­ings

Yep, now this is one of the import­ant parts of both Sound­Cloud and Flickr — the com­munit­ies that can devel­op around a par­tic­u­lar mem­ber, or activ­ity, or group.

Friends and Groups work as you’d expect them to. For example, there’s an online mobile music site called Palm Sounds — and they’ve got a Group on Sound­Cloud that I’ve joined.

In that group, I can listen to con­tent that oth­er mem­bers of that group have uploaded to Sound­Cloud and shared with the Palm Sounds group.

This is exactly the same way that Flickr handles groups and image shar­ing.

There are oth­er sim­il­ar­it­ies, but I leave that for you to explore for your­self if you’re inter­ested.

I am, and you can find me on Sound­Cloud here — I’ve shared a couple of sound items, mostly things I’ve fea­tured in past blog posts.

And if you’re on Sound­Cloud, give me a ping and let me know what you’re into!

Free and good? It’s for the birds!

Actu­ally it’s for you and me, and I’m refer­ring to the free online suite of tools that flies under the Avi­ary ban­ner. Actu­ally, it’s more than a suite of tools, Avi­ary is also a com­munity by and for con­tent cre­at­ors:

At Avi­ary, we believe that every­one in the world should have access to power­ful cre­ation tools. We there­fore chose our com­pany mis­sion to be We make cre­ation access­ible to every­one. Our power­ful set of tools helps ful­fill this mis­sion by enabling small busi­nesses, stu­dents, artists & cre­at­ors across dif­fer­ent genres.

What this means for us is that there’s now an awe­some set of media cre­ation tools avail­able for you to use, for the cost of your inter­net con­nec­tion — yes, the Avi­ary tools are free (though they ori­gin­ally had a sub­scrip­tion busi­ness mod­el).

My most recent for­ray into the bird­house had me using the Myna audio edit­or to trim down a mix I’d cre­ated for anoth­er blog post review­ing Seline HD (a cool iPad instru­ment).


My mix had too much dead space at the head and tale of the selec­tion. A few quick tweaks in Myna, and the mix is much as you see above.


Then, with a few clicks of your mouse, you can mix it down, and down­load it or copy some pub­lish code to embed it in your web­site or blog post (as I did here).

bard1.egg by bgrier on Aviarybard1.egg by bgri­er on Avi­ary

But this is just one of the Avi­ary suite of bird-themed tools. Oth­ers include:

  • Phoenix — Image Edit­or
    An image edit­or has lay­ers, masks, effects, undo his­tory, and all that oth­er good stuff.
  • Talon — Screen Cap­ture
    Use Talon to cap­ture screen­shots web pages from your browser or desktop and crop, res­ize or mark them up.
  • Raven — Vec­tor Edit­or
    The world’s first online vec­tor edit­or.
  • Pea­cock — Effects Edit­or
    It does so many won­der­ful and amaz­ing things, we decided to call it our visu­al labor­at­ory.
  • Roc — Music Cre­at­or
    Use Roc to cre­ate music and loops for use in Myna and ring­tones.
  • Fal­con — Image Markup
    Use Fal­con to quickly cap­ture images and web pages from your browser or desktop and crop, res­ize or mark them up.
  • Tou­can — Swatch Edit­or
    A col­or swatches and palettes tool will help you find col­ors you didn’t even know exist.

And as I men­tioned above, there’s a whole set of Avi­ary com­munit­ies focused on the tools, and on cre­at­ing, dis­cov­er­ing, mash­ing up and pub­lish­ing con­tent.

It’s free — so can you afford not to take a peek into the bird house?

This post of is one of many I pub­lish weekly at the Future Shop Techb­log. Read more of my stuff here.

Making music on the iPad

In the pre­vi­ous item I men­tioned that I’d not yet tested out Seline HD, an iPad app. Well, I have now, and yes, it really is quite cool.

After fid­dling about with the inter­face for a bit, I was able to pull this little bit togeth­er.

I must have been inspired by the few hours of The Pil­lars of the Earth we were watch­ing — seems to have a medi­ev­al theme.

One neat thing I loved; you can record and over­dub, so with a bit of patience, you are the orches­tra!
bard1.egg by bgrier on Aviarybard1.egg by bgri­er on Avi­ary

Addi­tion­al note: I used the awe­some free online clip / audio edit­or Myna (an Avi­ary tool) to trim the head and tail of the clip so there was no dead space. Cloud audio editing…how cool!
Check out this video / tutori­al of Selene HD for a bit more detail.

Keeping the Internet safe, one browser at a time

Microsoft’s Inter­net Explorer browser hasn’t been my daily work browser for many years, and I can’t see that chan­ging any­time soon. There are many reas­ons that I’m not going to go into, but these days it’s mostly about what I’m famil­i­ar with. From the sat­is­fac­tion num­bers I’ve seen, IE is still quite the power­house browser-of-choice for a large major­ity of Inter­net users, but it’s not my cup of tea.

But this post isn’t really about my selec­tion of browser. Rather, it’s about an inter­est­ing online ini­ti­at­ive focus­ing on Kinsa, the Kid’s Inter­net Safety Alli­ance.

The cam­paign, dubbed Browse with Con­fid­ence is a new online des­tin­a­tion designed to pro­mote safe brows­ing using Microsoft’s IE 8 browser and fea­tures links to product inform­a­tion, and down­loads.

But that’s not all
The really cool part about this is the way the Browse with Con­fid­ence ini­ti­at­ive is gen­er­at­ing funds for Kinsa. As you can see in this image, Microsoft Canada is donat­ing $2.00 when you ‘post your sup­port’ on your Face­book Wall. The more people post, the more Kinsa gets. Simple.

So, yeah, Microsoft gets a little PR bump out of this, but in my mind, the big bene­fit is to Kinsa, who:

…helps to find, res­cue and heal child vic­tims of abuse whos images are shared on the Inter­net.”

For more inform­a­tion, check out the video, or hit Kinsa’s web­site. And con­sider giv­ing your sup­port to Kinsa.

Oth­er Resources:
Microsoft’s Browse with Con­fid­ence news release

The view out my window

Daily I work in a cube, except for today. As you can see, I’m in my ‘away’ office, yet still con­nec­ted.

My 'away' office.

And yes, I am work­ing. Through the won­ders of tech­no­logy, I’m crank­ing out the copy, send­ing the email, edit­ing the text and pho­tos.

This is Life­style Tech­no­logy at work. Wifi enables me to be mobile / port­able. And once you’re online, Skype is an awe­some tool that enables you to call any­one, almost any­where, and not have to pay cel roam­ing or hotel phone fees.

But as I said, I do have a few blog posts to churn out, as well as gath­er some back­ground inform­a­tion on upcom­ing technology…which the reas­on for me being at my ‘away’ office.

No wor­ries though, I’ll be back home later this week. But for now, I think I’m going to enjoy the view 🙂

Grocery lists made easy — seriously.

Yes, look at that head­line. Gro­cery lists. In a tech blog. What’s this world com­ing to.

But yet, if you bear with me for a moment, you’ll under­stand why this is cool.

You see, if you throw an iPhone or iPod Touch into the mix, you’ll real­ize that ‘ah, maybe that Brad fellow’s on to some­thing’.

So here’s the deal, for me the iPhone and iPod touch has not excelled at man­aging and shar­ing simple lists, like a gro­cery list. Which store car­ries what, and oh, is that what it’s really called or did you mean this. Con­fu­sion, at least for me, until we picked up (and shared via Apple’s iTunes Home Shar­ing sys­tem) Gro­ceryIQ.

Quite simply, Gro­ceryIQ is a list man­ager with a few cool bells and whistles:

  • Auto-sug­gest: Start typ­ing and Gro­cery iQ will sug­gest gro­cery items you can quickly select.
  • Bar­code scan­ning: Take a pic­ture of a bar­code with your iPhone cam­era to add an item to your list.
  • Favor­ites and His­tory: Add fre­quently- or pre­vi­ously-pur­chased items to your list with just a few taps.

Behind the scenes, Gro­ceryIQ relies on a loc­al (to the device) product data­base as well as updates which are hos­ted on the moth­er­ship — coupons.com.

When you’re build­ing a list, the app often calls home and tries to match the text you’re enter­ing with items it knows about. This is good, because I didn’t know there where quite that many vari­ants on Con­densed Milk.

Anoth­er cool fea­ture, and this is where it’s neat to have the app run­ning on two devices in the same house­hold. In this case it really does improve the usab­il­ity of the app when you share it. List shar­ing — from the FAQ:

You can share your list with mul­tiple people by send­ing an invit­a­tion to sync with them. If any­one with access to the list makes a change to it, everyone’s list will reflect that change. List shar­ing can be turned off at any time and will not delete or affect exist­ing lists. You can also invite more people to share a list at any time.

So by keep­ing your lists sync’d up, any­one at the gro­cery store can eas­ily see what’s miss­ing in the fridge.

And, since the Gro­ceryIQ also allows you to tag items as Favour­ites, it’s easy to build the list every week with com­monly pur­chased goods.

I know in our house­hold, since we’ve star­ted shar­ing the list, I’ve had a bet­ter suc­cess rate at the gro­cer by hav­ing a list that is actu­ally cur­rent 🙂

Oh, and this lively little app is only .99 at the iTunes App store.