Getting Twitter Spam? Here’s how I deal with it

This is the second part of a post series I star­ted a few days ago, deal­ing with Twit­ter spam. How to avoid becom­ing a Twit­ter spam­mer [part one] How to deal with Twit­ter spam [this art­icle] What got me think­ing about it was the recent spate of incom­ing DM tweets from trus­ted people I fol­low. […]

How to avoid becoming a Twitter spammer, the easy way

Over the last few weeks I’ve been receiv­ing spam on Twit­ter from trus­ted people I fol­low. It’s not that they’ve all been over­come by the need to mon­et­ize their Twit­ter accounts (there, I said mon­et­ize in a blog post, I’m doomed), rather, they’ve fallen vic­tim to diabol­ic­ally-craf­ted account phish­ing schemes and their Twit­ter accounts are […]