Tablets will be the story this holiday season

The iPad has been out for a bit now, and it’s the tab­let that all the oth­ers will be com­pared against as they jockey for pos­i­tion going into the hol­i­day sea­son. But over­all, I think this is the year that tab­lets finally start to make some head­way into the mar­ket­place; a mar­ket­place already crowded with […]

I’m an iPad. And I’m a Courier.”

Ah yes, the Apple vs Microsoft rivalry is heat­ing up again after this week­end’s ‘leak’ (stra­tegic release?) to Engad­get of all sorts of inter­est­ing Cour­i­er tid­bits. But what was­n’t said? Are they really aim­ing at the same audi­ence? Why did Microsoft name it after a font? …more This post is an excerpt from one of […]

Installing Eeebuntu on my eeePC

You may remem­ber this post where I waxed poet­ic on the some­what-easy install­a­tion of Easy Peasy Ubuntu on my eeePC 8G (it’s a 701). Well, believe it or not, I’ve nuked Easy Peasy and am now run­ning Eee­buntu…and the install was even easi­er! What got it all star­ted was this post about the ‘base edi­tion’ […]

eeePC Netbook Ubuntu mod and a bit of fun

As you can see, I’ve man­aged to get Tweet­Deck installed on my lan­guish­ing eeePC 8G Net­book. Ori­gin­ally we’d picked the eeePC up as a light web browser, but found the nat­ive Xan­dros OS a bit weak. Time passed and we’d not had time to really explore the poten­tial of this little guy…until now. First off, […]

It’s tiny, cool, and giving me an administration headache

Recently we’d picked up an ASUS eee PC as a replace­ment for my ill Com­paq R3200. Well, not really as a replace­ment. You see, any­time we start look­ing into a hard­ware pur­chase, Tess and I review our need for the pur­chase. To make a long story short, I’m inher­it­ing her cool little Dell M1210, and […]