If it’s everywhere, is it special?

Once upon a time, not too long ago, in the lat­ter part of the last cen­tury — say the 60’s and 70’s, con­sum­ing media was clumsy and cum­ber­some. It seemed that you had to make a spe­cial appoint­ment with your hard­ware to listen to the latest band or show some friends your latest pho­tos. You […]

Songbird solves my multi-multimedia player dilemma

Between home and work, I have vari­ous Win­dows, Linux and Macin­tosh com­puters. I cent­ral­ize my media on a Net­work Attached Stor­age (NAS) device, access­ible by all. As you can ima­gine, I use dif­fer­ent media play­ers on all. My biggest hurdle has been con­sist­ency in user exper­i­ence. I’ve had to run iTunes on the Mac, Win­amp, […]