Spending good money on nothing, it’s not a new concept.

Dis­clos­ure: I’m involved with an organ­iz­a­tion that has vir­tu­al goods and cur­rency  — and yes, you can exchange real money for vir­tu­al goods in it. The vir­tu­al eco­nomy is heat­ing up. GigaOm reports that Face­book Could Make $250M From Vir­tu­al Goods Next Year; make money from stuff that isn’t tan­gible. Stuff you can’t hold in […]

My iPhone accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express…

Yes it’s true. Not too far in the future, my Gar­age Sale will take cred­it card pay­ments. Cour­tesy of a neat inven­tion that you knew someone had to invent; the Square iPhone dongle. The premise is pretty simple: Plug it into your iPhone Swipe a cred­it card to com­plete a trans­ac­tion Square announced the device […]