Office 2010 Reviews coming soon, I promise..

Today’s the day that Microsoft’s update to the venerable Office productivity suite is available world wide, for purchase — the beta has been available for over a year as an extensive public release / test.

But I’ve not used Microsoft Office on my home computers since early 2000, electing to go with Open Office and Google Docs for my home document creation software.

But, when I was offered an opportunity to take a look at the release version of the Home & Business suite (the mid-priced and featured package) I thought this might be an opportunity to see what’s changed since I stopped using the suite at home, and how this version might cause me to switch to Office for my daily,  albeit light, home-office tasks.

And that’s where we stand today. Office 2010 is now available at retail, and I’m still working through the applications, and not yet ready to write about my experience.

But I will say this, so far, I’m really enjoying the Office 2010 experience.  Details will follow.