On Flipboard

EDIT: 2 days later and my read­er­ship has almost doubled! So. I’ve got 28,000 51,000 read­ers of my online gam­ing magazine — a Flip­board titled On Gam­ing. Holy Cow!!!! When I star­ted my Flip­board I had nev­er real­ized it would become this suc­cess­ful. I’m totally humbled and blown away. What’s a Flip­Board? If you fol­low me […]

Show your parents you care — tech style

highly likely that many of you, like me, are respons­ible for tech­nic­al
sup­port of your fam­il­ies’ com­puter sys­tems and inter­net con­nec­tion.
Earli­er today I found a great little micros­ite (by Google) that’ll help you suppo…

Does one bad product taint the brand?

Yes­ter­day I pur­chased a Blue Snow­ball Snow­flake USB micro­phone. I was going to use it to record some voice-overs for an upcom­ing Empire Aven­ue over­view video, but as you can guess by my use of the word ‘was’ in this sen­tence, it did­n’t hap­pen. The Flaw You see, the mic was bad. DOA. Toast. This […]

A few reasons why I’ll get an iPad before Christmas — perhaps. Maybe.

Over the last little while I’ve been fol­low­ing the news around Apple’s latest tech­no­lo­gic­al mar­vel, the iPad. Sure, at this time, only the Wi-Fi ver­sion is avail­able (and only in the US), but there’re enough news and reviews out there that it’s quite easy for­mu­late an early opin­ion — espe­cially since I already have an […]

Finally. If it’s Friday then it’s time for a video.

Earli­er this week OK Go par­ted ways with their record label in order to have more cre­at­ive and pub­lish­ing con­trol over their music videos. Short ver­sion — EMI was not let­ting their videos be pub­lished through You­Tube. Longer ver­sion and over­view at Fast­Com­pany. Since that rela­tion­ship has ended, the fol­low­ing link to the You­Tube video […]