Review: Logitech Harmony 900 Universal Remote Control

All things in life, as with the Force, have a Light Side and a Dark Side. The Logit­ech Har­mony 900 Uni­ver­sal Remote Con­trol has both. A bit of a back­ground I have a his­tory with Logit­ech Har­mony remotes and cur­rently own a Logit­ech Har­mony 720. I’ve always found them chal­len­ging to pro­gram and set up. […]

Mama’s got a Squeezebox

When I was offered a chance to review the Logit­ech Squeeze­box Radio, I believe my exact response was ‘hell yeah!’, because this thing exem­pli­fies a geek gad­get. But wait, it looks like an appli­ance… …more This post is an excerpt from one of my weekly posts on the Future Shop Techb­log. Check out the full […]

How has the Logitech G15 (v2) fared after 6 months?

You may remem­ber that I went through a rather inter­est­ing guar­an­tee replace­ment with Logit­ech over the wear­ing paint on my ori­gin­al G15 key­board. The short ver­sion is that they hap­pily replaced it with a new, Ver­sion 2 G15. I thought I’d take a moment and update my thoughts about it. I miss the three-key wide […]

Logitech G15 Keyboard upgrade (v1 — v2)

After a lengthy email exchange with Logit­ech cus­tom­er sup­port (star­ted Octo­ber 22, 2007), I’ve just received my replace­ment Logit­ech G15 key­board (affil­i­ate link). The key prob­lem (par­don the pun) was that the black paint on a few of the keys was wear­ing off, allow­ing the back­light­ing to shine through obscur­ing any key let­ter­ing. This key­board […]