When do you own the gear you buy?

Two art­icles recently crossed my desk: Con­tent in lock­down — Tom Yager, InfoWorld.com I’m increas­ingly aghast at the erosion of the tra­di­tion­al free­dom we’ve enjoyed to do whatever we please with our per­son­al com­puters — but intrigued by the sci­ence behind it. Your Right to Repair — CAA Driver­’s Seat Ima­gine tak­ing your vehicle to […]

Vista? Not on my desktop, thank you.

Hur­ray! Vista is released. Now we can all get back to doing whatever we were doing pre­vi­ously. Hype aside, I’m not excited about this release, for the fol­low­ing reas­ons; My desktop, laptop and serv­er aren’t ‘Vista Ready’, I’m not going to invest to upgrade (my com­puters do what I need them to cur­rently), I run […]

Free Virtual PC from Microsoft — ArsTechnica

Inter­est­ing read. Ars­Tech­nica has an article/review about Microsoft’s Vir­tu­al PC, now avail­able free. Why would you want to set up anoth­er PC on your exist­ing PC? Check out new oper­at­ing sys­tems, exper­i­ment, play…who knows. I run a Ubuntu serv­er for the home, on a stand-alone box. The art­icle talks about installing Ubuntu desktop on a […]

Modding my Xbox…

[ This item ori­gin­ated at my pre­vi­ous (now defunct) blog bradblog.info — copy retrieved from the Inter­net Archive] A while ago I man­aged to lay my hands on a refur­bished Xbox for a fairly reas­on­able price. Great, methinks. A game con­sole and a DVD play­er, all rolled into one. And hey, it’ll even play music […]

PHOSPHOR PEDOPHILES (The New Evil of the Electronic Age)

The Globe & Mail — Tech­no­logy Novem­ber 1999 — 2080 words “Do you want to see some pic­tures? Some fun and naughty ones?”. Before Patty73 could reply, anoth­er line appeared; “Erin19 is a 19/f look­ing for some cute young girls to trade self-nudes and more…Msg Me”. Then anoth­er ” GOTO http://pornsex011alpha.com for 100% free porn, […]

Freelancer Trial Version

a snap­shot review by Brad Gri­er FreeL­an­cer hails from a very rich lin­eage of games. Élite, the old Atari/Apple/Amiga clas­sic, is prob­ably the closest and earli­est example of a game of this type — being a fairly rich space-com­bat-trad­ing-ship-build­ing-RPG style of game. Élite was one of the first that offered a 3d exper­i­ence, albeit wire […]