And we have a winner…

This weekend was a busy one with the regular life stuff, as well as drawing a winner for the Palm Pre 2 giveaway contest.

Through a rigirous and exacting process of filtering new followers reviewing tweets, and generating a random number a random number of times — the winner of the Palm Pre 2, Touchstone Charger and case is:


Congratulations to Audemars02, and thanks for playing to all who entered and tweeted.

Oh, and I’ve got another contest and announcement in the works — stay tuned!

The gauntlet has been thrown: HP’s webOS TouchPad

tp.jpgYesterday Earlier today in San Francisco, HP revealed a few new products; the new Veer, the Pre 3, and the new TouchPad — a direct competitor to the Apple iPad.

And the TouchPad is going to be a very cool device. My thoughts:

  • Same weight as an iPad — I was hoping for lighter
  • Cool inductive charging using the Touchstone technology
  • webOS – a very slick and intuitively designed operating system
  • True multi-tasking (iPad uses task switching or hot-switching — the app is suspended in background so no data processing occurs when an app is not in forfront)
  • Cool Touchstone technology pairs your HP smartphone with your TouchPad to share data, display presentations, etc (see below).

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The well-equipped traveller is the ‘Envy’ of others

Traveling with a laptop is always a bit of a challenge, especially if your flight exceeds 3 hours or so. That’s why I was rather interested when I was offered the chance to check out the 15 inch HP Envy — especially when I was allowed to take it on my recent vacation to Hawaii. …more

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