And we have a winner…

This week­end was a busy one with the reg­u­lar life stuff, as well as draw­ing a win­ner for the Palm Pre 2 giveaway con­test. Through a rigirous and exact­ing pro­cess of fil­ter­ing new fol­low­ers review­ing tweets, and gen­er­at­ing a ran­dom num­ber a ran­dom num­ber of times — the win­ner of the Palm Pre 2, Touch­stone […]

The gauntlet has been thrown: HP’s webOS TouchPad

Yes­ter­day Earli­er today in San Fran­cisco, HP revealed a few new products; the new Veer, the Pre 3, and the new Touch­Pad — a dir­ect com­pet­it­or to the Apple iPad. And the Touch­Pad is going to be a very cool device. My thoughts: Same weight as an iPad — I was hop­ing for light­er Cool […]

The well-equipped traveller is the ‘Envy’ of others

Trav­el­ing with a laptop is always a bit of a chal­lenge, espe­cially if your flight exceeds 3 hours or so. That’s why I was rather inter­ested when I was offered the chance to check out the 15 inch HP Envy — espe­cially when I was allowed to take it on my recent vaca­tion to Hawaii. …more This […]