Interesting business model for eBook

Earli­er this week I found an eBook over on Zen­Hab­its. The book looks inter­est­ing and I’m look­ing for­ward to giv­ing it a read, but the think that caught my eye was the busi­ness mod­el; you can get the book for free. The whole book, as a down­load­able eBook. Free. Now, there is a Premi­um ver­sion […]

One way to Get Stuff Done [video]

Anoth­er Fri­day and anoth­er video — this time deal­ing with time man­age­ment and organ­iz­a­tion. The video details how the fine folk at BlueSky­Fact­ory like to organ­ize their day and their work­load. Not exactly my cup of tea — I’m cur­rently exper­i­ment­ing with the Pomodoro sys­tem described by Tris Hus­sey on his blog. But it is […]

Getting Things Done with Gmail?

Usu­ally Google Apps for Busi­ness is the last of Googles free online applic­a­tion suites to receive new fea­tures, but ever since Google enabled Google Labs with­in Apps for Busi­ness, new fea­tures are rolled at the same time. Today Gmail received a simple Task List man­ager: Like many of Google’s enhance­ments, it’s a very simple imple­ment­a­tion […]

On time management and GTD

photo cred­it: jazz­mas­ter­son Lately I’ve been work­ing with a few tools that help me stream­line my vari­ous tasks and work­flows. Over the next few posts, I’ll dive into them and my reas­ons for using them. First off, the Two Minute Timer. If you’ve been been under a rock for the last few years then this […]