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Better than Flappy Bird. Because Orbits!

Yeah, Flappy Bird got old quick, but this little gem has me trapped in its grav­ity well (see what I did there?).

Flappy Space Pro­gram, just like Flappy Bird, is simple. Click to launch your bird. Now, keep tap­ping to over­come grav­ity and launch your bird into orbit. Simple no?

Ok, now add another bird. Then another. Oh, they collided.

It’s Fri­day. You’re welcome ;)

Of Shields and Spears

Lately I’ve been play­ing a highly access­ible puzzle-rogue-like game called Hoplite.

Simple graph­ics and ever-increasing dif­fi­culty make this a quick and easy game to learn, but a very dif­fi­cult one to master.

You play the role of an adven­tur­ous Hoplite — a cit­izen war­rior of ancient Greece city-states. You’re quest­ing in ever-deeper dun­geons look­ing for the Fleece of Yendor whilst avoid­ing doom at the hands of vari­ous dun­geon inhabitants.

Each level is a smallish hex map with lava obstacles, oppon­ents, a temple and an exit to the next level down. Defeat the oppon­ents, heal or receive a boon at the temple and jour­ney onward. Simple right?

Well, yes, and no. Depend­ing on the num­ber of enemies and your strategy, your jour­ney could end on the first level, or you could retrieve the Fleece and win, or hang on to the fleece and quest even further.

I find myself com­ing back to Hoplite daily, for at least one or two rounds. As you can tell by the shot at the top, I’ve man­aged to recover the Fleece once (yay me!), but am won­der­ing what lies beyond…

Hoplite is avail­able for Android and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).

Enjoy this fine game­play video.


New Pandemic scenario covers 2013 events

Cool! The developers of Pan­demic have freely released a slight mod / scen­ario to their amaz­ing coöper­at­ive board game Pandemic.

Scen­ario 2:

… cov­ers one of the more not­able events in the US this year: the Gov­ern­ment Shut­down. It intro­duces some new ele­ments and changes the way you play Pandemic.

Will you be able to save human­ity with the Gov­ern­ment Shutdown?

Down­load the PDF of Scen­ario 2 here.

Wot I’m playing this weekend.

The Shadow Sun

Want­ing to make ser­i­ous pro­gress on The Shadow Sun today. Some friends of mine from the Bioware days made this. Accord­ing to the reviews, it’s well worth pick­ing up.

Espe­cially now that it’s dis­coun­ted to $7.99. :D

Mouse nest

Looks like we have a few mice on the property.

via Flickr

App Store Free App of the Week


Check­ing out the App Store’s Free App of the Week — Piv­vot — just hap­pens to be a game! Ori­gin­ally was $2.99.

Pandemic — on the brink.

Yeah, Asia killed us.

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