Emotionally gaming your Twitter stream?

I’ve been watch­ing the devel­op­ment of Little­cosm, a new Twit­ter cli­ent with excite­ment as it’s one of a new breed that is apply­ing sen­ti­ment ana­lys­is to derive a res­ult — in this case your dis­pos­i­tion in a game. Emo­tion plays a huge part in Little­cosm.  Little­cosm ana­lyzes your tweets and fig­ures out if you’re in […]

Spending good money on nothing, it’s not a new concept.

Dis­clos­ure: I’m involved with an organ­iz­a­tion that has vir­tu­al goods and cur­rency  — and yes, you can exchange real money for vir­tu­al goods in it. The vir­tu­al eco­nomy is heat­ing up. GigaOm reports that Face­book Could Make $250M From Vir­tu­al Goods Next Year; make money from stuff that isn’t tan­gible. Stuff you can’t hold in […]

Freelancer Trial Version

a snap­shot review by Brad Gri­er FreeL­an­cer hails from a very rich lin­eage of games. Élite, the old Atari/Apple/Amiga clas­sic, is prob­ably the closest and earli­est example of a game of this type — being a fairly rich space-com­bat-trad­ing-ship-build­ing-RPG style of game. Élite was one of the first that offered a 3d exper­i­ence, albeit wire […]