3 Awesome Photo apps for your iPad

Now I know what you’re think­ing — Brad, the iPad does­n’t have a cam­era so why would I want pho­to­graphy apps on it.
Well, because the iPad is port­able, has a great screen that presents pho­tos bet­ter than any oth­er mobile device, and lets you d…

Indoor or out, the Soulra shines!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been listen­ing to my iPod Touch tunes with a
rug­ged­ized sol­ar-powered sound sys­tem — the Soulra. And this could be
one solu­tion to a prob­lem I’ve had for a while now; how to take my music
out­side with me and …

Show your parents you care — tech style

highly likely that many of you, like me, are respons­ible for tech­nic­al
sup­port of your fam­il­ies’ com­puter sys­tems and inter­net con­nec­tion.
Earli­er today I found a great little micros­ite (by Google) that’ll help you suppo…

Commerce in a post-Wikileaks economy

You’ve likely seen the news that Visa, Mas­ter­card, PayP­al and oth­ers
are under dis­trib­uted deni­al of ser­vice (DDOS) attacks by folk who feel
that WikiLeaks head­man Juli­an Assange is being per­se­cuted for
dis­trib­ut­ing sens­it­ive inform­a­tion he…