New Pandemic scenario covers 2013 events

Cool! The developers of Pan­dem­ic have freely released a slight mod / scen­ario to their amaz­ing coöper­at­ive board game Pan­dem­ic.

Scen­ario 2:

… cov­ers one of the more not­able events in the US this year: the Gov­ern­ment Shut­down. It intro­duces some new ele­ments and changes the way you play Pan­dem­ic.

Will you be able to save human­ity with the Gov­ern­ment Shut­down?

Down­load the PDF of Scen­ario 2 here.

Aiiee! The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing. Too much temptation.

Over the last few years I’ve become more of a fan of Steam and a couple of oth­er online deliv­ery ser­vices for my PC gam­ing needs. I can’t actu­ally remem­ber the last PC game I bought in a brick-and-mort­er store for my desktop.

And now, the Steam Sum­mer Sale is reach­ing its mid-point and so far, I think I’ve been a very good boy; not bought any­thing. Yet.

Yes, I have a few items on my Wish­list but I may not pick them up just yet — being a PC and MAC gamer, I tend to prefer games that swing both ways, and also use Steam Cloud for stor­age / sync.

Though if any one of those games on that list drop below $5.00 — I’ll be get­ting them, and look­ing at expand­ing my loc­al hard drive stor­age.

Ahh, yes, the pleas­ure and prob­lems of a lovely sum­mer sea­son and digit­al gam­ing. Tempta­tion, mon­it­or­ing the deals page, and the con­stant hunt for more drive stor­age space. Man, I’m liv­in’ the life :/

I’m quite enjoying Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol!

Yep, I’m hav­ing fun with Ace Patrol, as you may have seen in my pre­vi­ous post, it’s a light single/multiplayer, World War I stra­tegic com­bat game. Air­fights con­sist of up to 8 com­batants, four per side, and vary depend­ing on air­craft, pilot skill, and game dif­fi­culty level.

Ace Patrol is cur­rently only avail­able for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone in the Canada iTunes store, dur­ing this pre-launch peri­od, but it will be avail­able world­wide on May 9th.

I’m hav­ing a blast, check out the ingame images below:

Guild Wars 2 Open Beta Weekend Overview


There are those who eagerly anti­cip­ate online gam­ing events. And then there’s the rest of the world. I kinda fall into the first cat­egory.

This past week­end I par­ti­cip­ated in such an event — the first Guild Wars 2 open beta test. Basic­ally it was two and a half days of fresh Guild Wars good­ness! But first a little back­ground.
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I’m Moving to Empire Avenue!

This likely won’t come as a shock to many of you; I’ve been invited to go work on Empire Aven­ue.

Of course, I said yes.

Start­ing Thursday, Septem­ber 1st, my role will be, as with any star­tup, kinda fuzzy to begin with. Offi­cially I’ll be the Dir­ect­or of Social and Com­munity Man­age­ment. In real­ity, I’ll be blog­ging, work­ing with the vari­ous com­munit­ies, and help­ing the team get things done. Whatever those things may be. Clean up after the Squir­rel, you know.

What I’m leav­ing behind
For the last five years, I’ve been a Web Con­tent Spe­cial­ist and Web Busi­ness Ana­lyst with the Alberta Motor Asso­ci­ation.

It’s be a great time with a mar­velous people and a great employ­er who’s allowed me to make mis­takes, grow, and test the cor­por­ate waters with innov­at­ive social media exper­i­ments (hello @AMARoadReports)!

If you’d like to check out the pos­i­tion I’m leav­ing, here’s the link to the offi­cial post­ing. And I’d be happy to dis­cuss the role, or the organ­iz­a­tion should you have any ques­tions — email me (

The Future
Well, as I said, it’s going to be kinda fuzzy. Empire Aven­ue is a star­tup, and as such, there are lots of cool things that we’re doing, and that can be done! And in my work with com­munity, I’m going to be work­ing with and ask­ing a lot of ques­tions of *you*.

So, what can we do, togeth­er, on ‘the Aven­ue’, hmmm? Let’s find out!

Not an April Fools Joke: Trainz for iPad


Ever since the Apple II days, I’ve been a flight sim­u­lat­or geek. I’ve always been inter­ested in avi­ation, but due to my less-than-per­fect eye­sight, a career as a pilot wasn’t in the cards. But that didn’t dim my interest in avi­ation. And giv­en my interest in com­puters & tech­no­logy, it seemed nat­ur­al that I’d grav­it­ate toward flight sims.

Which is why I can recog­nize the pas­sion of folks who are inter­ested in Train Sim­u­lat­ors. True, I don’t ‘get’ that interest or pas­sion, but I can recog­nize and appre­ci­ate it when I see it.

And that’s why I’m tak­ing the plunge later today and pick­ing up Trainz, an iPad Train Sim­u­lat­or (when I’m on Wi-Fi and not 3G, it’s a 136MB down­load!). It also helps that it was on sale for $.99 (down from the usu­al $4.99) :smileyhappy: Maybe I’ll learn some­thing about someone else’s pas­sion!

The com­pany line

Based on the suc­cess­ful PC fran­chise, TRAINZ Sim­u­lat­or arrives on iPad and is com­ing very soon to Android!

Build and oper­ate the rail­road of your dreams.

Trainz Sim­u­lat­or for iPad includes everything you need to build and oper­ate your own dream rail­road. You can build a fun lay­out in minutes, faith­fully recre­ate a steam rail­road from days gone by or devel­op a fully fledged pro­to­typ­ic­al route; the choice is yours.

The Video
As you’ll see, it’s not only a train sim­u­lat­or, it’s actu­ally a train lay­out sim­u­lat­or. About 12 way through the video you’ll see you’ve got the abil­ity to cre­ate your world, build­ing the ter­rain, lakes, etc. Very cool little app. And on sale this week­end for less than the cost of that cof­fee you’re drink­ing right now :smileyhappy:

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