#Winning on Friday the 13th

Today is Fri­day the 13th. The only Fri­day the 13th of 2011 as it works out. This spe­cif­ic date has spe­cial sig­ni­fic­ance for me — and it has noth­ing to do with movies. Since Fri­day the 13ths occur so infre­quently, and are  some­what fam­ous, I use the day as a semi-ran­­dom chance to get my […]

Finally. If it’s Friday then it’s time for a video.

Earli­er this week OK Go par­ted ways with their record label in order to have more cre­at­ive and pub­lish­ing con­trol over their music videos. Short ver­sion — EMI was not let­ting their videos be pub­lished through You­Tube. Longer ver­sion and over­view at Fast­Com­pany. Since that rela­tion­ship has ended, the fol­low­ing link to the You­Tube video […]

Friday the 13th: Refuge in the backup

Ok, it’s a lousy title for a movie, but it is a great remind­er to review and execute your data backup strategies, both at home and online. Why Fri­day the 13th? Simply, it’s a day-date com­bin­a­tion that hap­pens infre­quently, almost ad-hoc. When it does occur, you can eas­ily plan to take time out to per­form […]