5 days left to win a webOS 2.0 powered Palm Pre 2 phone!

Well then, think there’s enough relevant keywords in that post title? 😀

Good, because I really do want to make sure this little phone goes to a good home.

WebOS2 is a funky little OS, and hardware running it is very slick. So why not take a chance and enter the contest — who knows, you could soon be in a position to welcome this little guy into your digital lifestyle.

Here’s how to enter:

1) Fol­low me (@bgrier) on Twit­ter
2) Tweet once (one ping only please) the fol­low­ing:

Just entered to win a Palm Pre 2.
Fol­low @bgrier and retweet this tweet to enter
http://g1z.me/fJzl5c #WinAPalmPre2

And there you go. It’s simple. Fol­low me, tweet once and you’re entered to win the Palm Pre 2.

This con­test will run until mid­night, Feb­ru­ary 11th, 2011, MST , after which I’ll ran­domly select the winner.

Good Luck!

I’m giving away a Palm Pre 2

Time for another Lifestyle Technology giveaway contest — and this time the prize is one very cool Palm Pre 2 and a few accessories, worth around $500.00. 😀

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a chance to put the Palm Pre 2 through it’s paces and found it to be a solid smartphone.

And now, you have a chance to win your own, here’s how:

1) Follow me (@bgrier) on Twitter
2) Tweet once (one ping only please) the following:

Just entered to win a Palm Pre 2.
Follow @bgrier and retweet this tweet to enter
http://g1z.me/fJzl5c #WinAPalmPre2

Simple. Follow me, tweet once and you’re entered to win the Palm Pre 2.

This contest will run until midnight, February 11th, 2011, MST , after which I’ll randomly select the winner.

Bon Chance!

Reasons why I unfollow someone on Twitter

Recently I had a great discussion on Twitter about Unfollowing…a much discussed topic of etiquette amongst the Twitterati.

One school of thought is that when someone follows you on Twitter, it’s proper for you to follow them back.

That’s not my belief though. If that were the case, then it would be impossible for me to derive any real value from Twitter (the tool) or the people I follow (their content). The Twitter stream moves too fast.

As many of you who’ve read my past posts know, I tend to tweet a lot.  I tweet about things I find of interest, and that I think my followers also find interesting. Follow me to see if my twitter stream appeals to you 🙂

If they’re not interested, then I have no problem with them unfollowing…I don’t want to waste their time.

I just realized that I cut and pasted out this section…doh! So, why do I unfollow? If you’re not interesting to me, if you spam me, if you try and get me interested in YOUR make money fast scheme, if you don’t tweet in 300 days, or if, after I search your tweet history, I find you’re mostly talking about things I’m not interested in….if you fit into any of those categories, odds are I’ll not be following you for very long. Sorry, it’s nothing personal, I just don’t have the time or bandwidth to follow you in a meaningful way.

To assist me in managing who I follow, I’ve used the following tools:

  • Friend or Follow (thanks @frostedbetty!) – a simple way to check out the status of folk you follow
  • Twitter Twerp Scan – applies analysis and ranking to people you follow to derive a ‘value’
  • Twitter Karma – a great interface to ‘batch’ manage who you’re following
  • Twitoria – checks the last tweet age of folks you’re following

And finally, your opportunity to let me know why you’re unfollowing people..in a funky new poll format via PollDaddy…back in the upper right corner of this blog post. Or let me know via the comments below.