Remote control your computer from your iPad

Some say that the iPad is a magic­al device. I won’t go that far, but it is kinda cool, though it does have its short­com­ings — espe­cially when you com­pare it to a desktop or laptop com­puter. There are just many things done much bet­ter on a com­puter than on an iPad, which is why […]

This weekend get your Space Geek on!

Sat­urday Septem­ber 18th is first Inter­na­tion­al Observe the Moon Night, fall­ing con­veni­ently before Inter­na­tion­al Talk like a Pir­ate Day, but I digress matey, arrr. Inter­na­tion­al Observe the Moon Night is about get­ting out­side in the cool even­ing air and tak­ing a look at the biggest celes­ti­al object with­in a few mil­lion miles: The Moon. And […]

I get a new label

The fol­low­ing post is a Quick­Hit™ — an art­icle or post I found online and thought was import­ant enough to share dir­ectly with you. Of course, you’ll see my thoughts or opin­ions pre­pen­ded or appen­ded to this post, oth­er­wise I’m just scrap­ing con­tent, and that’s not the intent. Accord­ing to this art­icle on Mar­ket­ing­Daily, I’m […]