What to know when changing website hosts

A couple of weeks ago I found the following in an email from my webhost:

Your web hosting account for bradgrier.com has been deactivated (reason: site causing performance problems).
Although your web site has been disabled, your data may still be available for
up to 15 days, after which it will be deleted.

After a quick call to the ever-helpful customer service line, I’d learned that I’d exceed my allocated CPU or SQL cycles. With my simple little WordPress blog.

It seems that a plugin (or two) had taken too many resources too many times for them. They are a very large (perhaps the largest) webhost offering unlimited everything…except CPU and SQL cycles.

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How has the Logitech G15 (v2) fared after 6 months?

You may remember that I went through a rather interesting guarantee replacement with Logitech over the wearing paint on my original G15 keyboard. The short version is that they happily replaced it with a new, Version 2 G15.

I thought I’d take a moment and update my thoughts about it.

  1. I miss the three-key wide layout of the original G15. for online gaming, the bank of keys laid out three wide were much better than the existing single bank vertically aligned.
  2. I miss the blue key lighting. Amber is neat, but I still like the blue.
  3. The LCD display is a bit smaller. I may have to get reading glasses (not yet) to read my custom LCD Studio display…and that’s a neat thing.
  4. LCD Studio works fine with it. This allows for custom displays that you can configure for anything from in-game messages to current ammunition levels.
  5. USB Ports seem more stable. On the original G15 the keyboard seemed to draw more power, causing my computer to give me issue. With this the V2 G15, they’ve all gone away.

And as for the key paint? I’m getting a bit of shine on the space-bar and other commonly use keys, but the paint isn’t wearing through. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (which makes typing darned difficult!).