What to know when changing website hosts

A couple of weeks ago I found the fol­low­ing in an email from my web­host: Your web host­ing account for bradgrier.com has been deac­tiv­ated (reas­on: site caus­ing per­form­ance prob­lems). Although your web site has been dis­abled, your data may still be avail­able for up to 15 days, after which it will be deleted. After a quick […]

How has the Logitech G15 (v2) fared after 6 months?

You may remem­ber that I went through a rather inter­est­ing guar­an­tee replace­ment with Logit­ech over the wear­ing paint on my ori­gin­al G15 key­board. The short ver­sion is that they hap­pily replaced it with a new, Ver­sion 2 G15. I thought I’d take a moment and update my thoughts about it. I miss the three-key wide […]