Projector marries gun: Offspring is one cool little shooter

One of the neatest recent devel­op­ments in tech is the pico pro­ject­or. Basic­ally this is a tiny little device, a little smal­ler than a paper­back, that packs fairly good pro­jec­tion tech­no­logy into that little size. But what can you do with such a little thing… …more This post is an excerpt from one of my […]

CES Tech: From the sidelines

Not every Future Shop blog­ger was able to get to CES this year, and I’m one of them. But that does­n’t mean we can­’t watch all the announce­ments, news releases, cov­er­age and awards out of ‘Vegas this week — and yes, being a bit of a tech-head, that’s what I’ve been doing. …more This post […]