Journalism and Big Media challenges for the future

Last night I happened to catch the CBC Radio pro­gram Ideas. They were play­ing the 2009 Dalton Camp Lec­ture in Journ­al­ism delivered by ex CBC Journ­al­ist and cur­rent Wiki­me­dia Exec­ut­ive Dir­ect­or Sue Gard­ner.

After a bit of an intro­duc­tion, she gets to the real meat of the mat­ter — how the busi­ness mod­els are work­ing (or not) and some chal­lenges to be faced as we move fur­ther away from the old way of doing things in the media busi­ness.

And it’s an excel­lent listen (and a good oppor­tun­ity for me to test embed­ding pod­casts in my blog too).

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Live election night coverage online (Canadian Election)

Anoth­er Cana­dian elec­tion has come and gone. Pro­grammed main­stream media cov­er­age was again, less than inspir­ing. I found that to truly enjoy this nation­al exer­cise, you have to watch it in the com­pany of friends, as you would a Sat­urday after­noon hockey game.

I spent elec­tion night online. Using a vari­ety of free sources, I was able to watch the res­ults as they came in. Using Twit­ter, it was pos­sible to know res­ults in east­ern Canada before the black­out lif­ted here in Alberta.

Here are some of the tools I used to mon­it­or the 40th Cana­dian Elec­tion

  • Twit­ter — ded­ic­ated default com­mu­nic­a­tion chan­nel. CB Radio. Fun. By using Hasht­ags, you can focus your dis­cus­sion to oth­ers who mon­it­or the same Hasht­ag (Chan­nel). The best elec­tion Hasht­ag was #Canada­Votes. Oh, and yes, please do fol­low me on Twit­ter 🙂
  • Tweet­Deck — Twit­ter applic­a­tion that allows you to group, sort, fil­ter, slice and dice your incom­ing Twit­ter flow. In the screen­shot of my elec­tion night desktop, it took up my left-hand 22″ mon­it­or.
  • Google Chrome — hav­ing mul­tiple browser win­dows open at once would prove chal­len­ging to Fire­fox. I have 20+ plu­gins so I run a Fat Fire­fox. Chrome is light­weight and each instance runs inde­pend­ently; if one win­dow crashes, the oth­ers stay run­ning. I had four instances of Google Chrome run­ning in my second mon­it­or (17″) on the right.

Ok, that’s the tools, now what was I doing with them?
I’ve already men­tioned that Tweet­Deck was my main com­mu­nic­a­tions medi­um for the even­ing. The back-and-forth dis­cus­sion amongst people mon­it­or­ing the #Canada­Votes chan­nel was insite­ful and enter­tain­ing. It was great enga­ging with oth­er Cana­dians in a nation­al dis­cus­sion.

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