Write a comment, win a prize!

I’ve been a fan of Clickfree backup systems for a while now. Dropdead simple and effective for most home usage. Well now the kind folks at Clickfree have given me the opportunity to share the love, so to speak, in the form of a contest, my first, in fact.

All the gory details are here, but the contest is really simple:

To enter:
Take your worst / best backup hor­ror story and write-up a com­ment on the contest page that describes a data loss hor­ror story that was aver­ted or would have been pre­ven­ted if you had a trusty recent backup. That simple.

But wait, there’s more!

Of course there is. If you’re not the writin’ type, you can still win —
Clickfree has created a special code to get a 15% discount off your order through them. Simply enter Grier10 at the checkout and you’ll have 15% removed from the total.

Remember, don’t comment below if you want the comment to be considered an Entry — leave your comment HERE.

Again, full details on the contest here, but I’m looking forward to this. It’s my first contest, so be gentle with me please 😉

Brad’s first blog contest – backup horror stories

And we’re done. I’ve received some excellent entries in the Backup Horror Story contest. Give ’em a read below, and feel free to add your comments too. And of course, feel free to share your horror story too, but sadly, this contest is closed.

Welcome to the first (of hopefully) many contest I’d like to run on my blog. I’ve been doing this tech-writing thing for a while now, but I’ve always been looking for ways to more closely engage with you. I think I may have found it with this style of contest — I get you to write for me. It’s ok, I have prizes 🙂

I’ll get to the details in a moment, but first let me frame the scenario: Backup Horror Stories.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all, at one time or another, lost some important piece data; your digital photo collection or music collection. Perhaps you’re a writer and all your ‘in progress’ manuscripts are now toast. You’ve lost data. No external copy or backup available. Poof! Done!!

That’s the scenario, now the details:

The Prizes and Sponsor
Clickfree – a cool Canadian company that specializes in no-brainer backup solutions is sponsoring this contest and has given me a few Clickfree Transformer SEs for this contest. Since Clickfree is all about simple backups, the theme of the contest kinda suggested itself 🙂

In the past, I’d reviewed Clickfree’s C2 Portable Backup drive – a solid unit. The TransformerSE we’re giving away in this contest uses similar technology, only you provide the USB drive. Here’s the official company line on the TransfomerSE:

The Clickfree Transformer SE (Special Edition) turns any USB hard drive, iPod, or iPhone into a simple automatic backup solution for your computer. Just connect the Transformer SE to your computer, then connect the USB hard drive, or iPod/iPhone via USB into the Transformer SE. Backup will start automatically onto the available free space of the connected product, whether it is a 3rd party hard drive, or an iPod/iPhone.

I will be doing a full review of the Clickfree TransformerSE very soon, but don’t let that stop you from entering the contest.

To enter:
Take your worst / best backup horror story and write-up a comment to this page that describes a data loss horror story that was averted or would have been prevented if you had a trusty recent backup. That simple.

Important: If you’ve not commented here before, your comment may be held in moderation until I can authorize it. No worries, I do this daily.

The Rules:
I’m keeping this fun, so the rules are simple.

1) It’s a blog comment contest – tell me your story in a comment to this page using the form below. Anyone can enter. Only comments entered into the comment form below on this page will be eligible.
2) After that you post a comment, let me know through a private email notification to me (via this in-blog contact form). It’ll let me know you’ve entered and be sure to provide a valid email address for follow-up should your entry be selected. No, I won’t sell or spam you..the email address is to be used ONLY for this contest. After the contest, all email entries will be deleted.
3) Top 3 comments will be selected for a prizes. I’m not sure what criteria I’ll use to judge yet. Maybe the funniest, most dramatic, most potential for loss-of-life, I don’t know. Maybe the most support from other commentors (get your friends to help out!). But there will be three, and I’ll write about them in a follow-up post.
4) Random draw for a few more prizes. It’ll be random.
5) Winners notified within a week, delivery within a month via Canada Post.
6) The contest starts now (March 1, 2010) and runs until Midnight, March 31, 2010. Timestamp of the blog and corresponding email to me will determine entry date and time.

Bonus Prize: Everyone Wins
Ok, now this is also very cool. For the month of March, the fine folk at Clickfree have also authorized a discount code for orders on their site. Place any order, use this code ( Grier10 ) and they knock 15% off the price of your order.