Powering your devices while on the go — Morphie Powerstation review

Earli­er this year, I atten­ded SXSWi (South by South­W­est inter­act­ive) and immersed myself in social media, gami­fic­a­tion, and tech­no­logy. Oh yeah, there was the odd party or two 😉 Being that this was my first time in Aus­tin, I relied heav­ily on my tech­no­logy to keep me on sched­ule and help me nav­ig­ate this unfa­mil­i­ar […]

Disaster Tech

Like many of you, I’ve been watch­ing the events in Japan con­tin­ue to unfold, and per­haps think­ing to myself, “I’m glad some­thing that dev­ast­at­ing did­n’t hap­pen here”. But what if it did, would you be pre­pared? I like to think that I am, but sadly, I’m prob­ably not. Yes, I have a first aid kit, […]

Battery life of a Microbe

My wife uses an expres­sion to describe bat­tery-powered tech­no­logy that runs out of juice before it ‘should’ — Bat­tery Life of a Flea, is how she describes it. Well, if you thought you had prob­lems with iPhone or iPod Touch bat­tery life before, the new iOS4 update will not make you happy. Accord­ing to many […]