Friday the 13th: Refuge in the backup

Ok, it’s a lousy title for a movie, but it is a great remind­er to review and execute your data backup strategies, both at home and online. Why Fri­day the 13th? Simply, it’s a day-date com­bin­a­tion that hap­pens infre­quently, almost ad-hoc. When it does occur, you can eas­ily plan to take time out to per­form […]

Backups don’t have to be painful

In a pre­vi­ous post (on my per­son­al blog) about pre­par­ing for your Win­dows 7 install­a­tion, I briefly dis­cussed backups. Aside from the obvi­ous reas­on of hav­ing a copy of your imort­ant stuff stored safely, backups have anoth­er bene­fit; they give you the con­fid­ence to work on your com­puter your­self — not hav­ing to rely on […]

Essential things to do before upgrading to Windows 7

Win­dows 7 is on its way so I thought I’d doc­u­ment some steps to take to pre­pare for a Win­dows 7 upgrade. Depend­ing on the state of your cur­rent com­puter and the ver­sion of Win­dows you’re cur­rently run­ning, your Win­dows 7 upgrade could con­sist of: in-place upgrade over top of your exist­ing OS (Only sup­por­ted […]

A simple and easy way to back up your Google Docs

If you do a lot of your work on vari­ous com­puters in dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions (as I do), con­veni­ently access­ing your doc­u­ments is import­ant. Though I carry a 2GB USB drive every­where, I actu­ally find it easi­er to use Google Docs and store my work ‘in the Cloud’, so to speak. But, that amorph­ous blob of […]

2 More Simple Home Backup Solutions

photo cred­it: nick­wheel­eroz With the fin­an­cial crisis swirl­ing around this week, I took anoth­er look at ways I keep my data safe. To best achieve this, off­s­ite backups are a must. Should my com­puters become dam­aged or stolen, my data is still secure. I’ve writ­ten before about Mozy, an effect­ive auto­mated online backup sys­tem, but […]

Fast, free and effective Palm Pilot backup with NVBackup

Earli­er this morn­ing I had des­paired; my Palm Pilot had fallen and could­n’t get up. It had crashed. Hard. I had to force a Hard Reset to even get it back to the fact­ory default con­di­tion. I’d lost my ebooks, sched­ule, con­tacts, everything. Sure, it was backed up on my com­puter, in a backup folder, […]