Only 50? Seems longer…

Only 50 years ago today, a sig­ni­fic­ant mile­stone in the space race was achieved, launch­ing a man, the Soviet Uni­on’s Yuri Gagar­in, bey­ond the atmo­sphere and into a single orbit of the Earth. Lots of cool space and Gagar­in related info found via Google today; they also provided the cool anim­a­tion on their doodle — just […]

The coolest indie video I’ve seen all year

Think Dis­trict 9, or Inde­pend­ence Day. But done for $300 by someone with a crap-load of tal­ent. In Uruguay. With Giant Robots! And now he’s got a movie deal: The pic­ture will be a sci-fi thrill­er set in Argen­tina and Uruguay. In case you’re hop­ing to see the fea­ture-length ver­sion of “Pan­ic Attack!” in a […]

How to add a network activity monitor to Windows 7

I like Win­dows 7. But there’s one thing that I noticed miss­ing right off the top, a net­work activ­ity mon­it­or in the Taskbar. Sure, you could ad a gadget/widget thingie to the desktop, but when you’re work­ing on some­thing, odds are you’re at full-screen resoulu­tion and the mon­it­or is behind whatever y ou’re work­ing on. […]