Play4Paws2 – A 24 hour game-a-thon to support CaliCan Rescue

Spon­sor Me!

On Feb­ru­ary 27th, start­ing at 7pm, I’m going to be gam­ing my ass off, gam­ing for 24 hours straight. Board games, Video games, card games, whatever! I fig­ure that this will get me out of my vast game defi­cit I’ve been accu­mu­lat­ing over the last few years.

Here’s what I plan to play over that 24 hours.  The schedule is below this post and is evolving so things will change.

Also, I’m looking into live-streaming the whole thing – if I can figure out the technology side of it beforehand. Issues include how to live-stream a board game, etc.


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