Play4Paws2 – A 24 hour game-a-thon to support CaliCan Rescue

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On Feb­ru­ary 27th, start­ing at 7pm, I’m going to be gam­ing my ass off, gam­ing for 24 hours straight. Board games, Video games, card games, whatever! I fig­ure that this will get me out of my vast game defi­cit I’ve been accu­mu­lat­ing over the last few years.

Here’s what I plan to play over that 24 hours.  The schedule is below this post and is evolving so things will change.

Also, I’m looking into live-streaming the whole thing – if I can figure out the technology side of it beforehand. Issues include how to live-stream a board game, etc.


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One Reply to “Play4Paws2 – A 24 hour game-a-thon to support CaliCan Rescue”

  1. Update:
    Beam­dog just dog-piled on with 6 clas­sic Dun­geons & Dragons games!
    I’ve added my Gam­ing Sched­ule.
    If you read this post (I’m Crazy and I’m gam­ing for 24 hours for an amaz­ing cause! Spon­sor Me!) then you know that I’m doing a bit of fun­drais­ing for my favour­ite dog res­cue — CaliCan Res­cue.
    But I’ve noticed that I’ve still not received any spon­sor­ships, even though I’ve gone to the extraordin­ary effort of post­ing once about it on Face­book, and writ­ing the afore­men­tioned blog post. Hmm, I think I need some­thing more to get my friends involved.
    So, unlike Rene (one of CaliCan’s awe­some head honchos), I’ll not be wager­ing any­thing that brings (or doesn’t bring) a razor near my noggin.
    Rather, I thought I’d reach out to some friends at BioWare and see if they can provide assistance.
    And they have. Behold!

    My friends at Bioware have gen­er­ously donated the per­fect things for gam­ing into the wee small hours. And I get to give them away to folk who spon­sor me!
    Con­tigo water bottles
    Con­tigo hot drink travellers
    A couple of other branded drink containers
    Bioware pens
    A nice, light­weight Bioware backpack!
    The details
    Now, given the anti­cip­ated high demand for these premier branded items we’re look­ing for a min­imum dona­tion of $20.00. One dona­tion per item. And we’ll fig­ure some­thing out for the pens.
    We’ve only got a couple of each item — what you see in the photo is what we’ve got — so I anti­cip­ate the more pop­u­lar ones will go quickly, espe­cially the toques… come on! Bioware inven­ted the gamer toque (or beanie as it’s called else­where)… I know, I was with the com­pany at the time!
    But any­way, there you go. Bioware branded swag and the warm fuzzy feel­ing of sup­port­ing one of the best dog res­cue organ­iz­a­tions on the planet.
    Simply by spon­sor­ing me
    (oh, and after you’ve done that (thank you!) just send me an email and we’ll fig­ure out how to get your swag to you — brad­b­log At

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