A test of Hello working with Blogger

This photo is a shot of Edmonton’s City Hall and the Court House, in the fore­ground. The shot was uploaded using Hello -> Posted by Hello

Inter­est­ing, it seemed to drop my foot­er info from the post tem­plate.

There’s a New Cache in town — Part 0

So, we’ve found a few caches now — it’s our turn to place one or two. This past week­end we took the trip to the loc­al Wal­Mart to check out con­tain­ers. Find­ing a good, weath­er-proof con­tain­er is import­ant for our caches — we’re in North-west­ern Canada so it has to sur­vive the rav­ages of winter.

It wasn’t an easy task — most con­tain­ers are designed for cup­boards, not shrub­bery — and at a reas­on­able price too! We did find a couple, but they would be most obvi­ous in any hide, so I thought I’d do a bit of research on GeoCaching’s for­ums — wow, talk about a great source of inform­a­tion.

The best tip, Cam­o­tape — from the hunting/painting sec­tions of Wal­Mart or Cana­dian Tire. One roll should do us fine. Now some of those oth­er folk, now they have more time on their hands…

Part 1 will have more info on the upcom­ing cache.

Source: Camo dis­cus­sion at GeoCaching.com, Cool Cache Con­tain­ers
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Dirty Pool..

It seems that Quick­en users are los­ing some online func­tion­al­ity. Boing­Bo­ing reports:

Quick­en dis­ables the soft­ware you paid for to force paid upgrades
Norvy sez, “I bought Quick­en 2002 when it was the cur­rent ver­sion. I received a let­ter in the mail this week telling me that Intu­it will be dis­abling the online bill pay fea­ture for my ver­sion because it’s too old!

Me is pissed. It seems that they’re also retir­ing the QIF file format with anoth­er one, which means that if my bank con­verts, I’ll have to buy the latest ver­sion of the soft­ware to remain com­pat­ible.
Source: Boing­Bo­ing
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Awesome day for a few GeoCaches!

After a week or so of -20 © temps here in the wild west of North­ern Alberta, we are the recip­i­ents of a few +3 © days…and that means Cach­ing!

Snagged three of them today, with our best buds the Time&Space team — yeah, they’re our neigh­bours too 😉

On a Tech Note, I’ve been play­ing with flickr of late — and will have some snaps of today’s exped­i­tion pos­ted there (linked here) shortly…if all goes well.

Here’s what we scored today:

Fun Fun Fun!

Sites: http://www.geocaching.com, http://flickr.com

A New Home

Yep, Brat&Testy have a new home here on blogger.com. We’ve changed ISPs and that means that we’re los­ing the abil­ity to host our own blogs on our own serv­ers — hence we’re using blogger/blogspot.

What this means — I’ll be slowly port­ing over the old blog con­tent, but the com­ments will be lost.

We’re not sure exactly when the cut-over will occur, so you can view the ori­gin­al blog at http://bratandtesty.homeip.net for a short time longer.