There’s a New Cache in town – Part 0

So, we’ve found a few caches now – it’s our turn to place one or two. This past weekend we took the trip to the local WalMart to check out containers. Finding a good, weather-proof container is important for our caches – we’re in North-western Canada so it has to survive the ravages of winter.

It wasn’t an easy task – most containers are designed for cupboards, not shrubbery – and at a reasonable price too! We did find a couple, but they would be most obvious in any hide, so I thought I’d do a bit of research on GeoCaching’s forums – wow, talk about a great source of information.

The best tip, Camotape – from the hunting/painting sections of WalMart or Canadian Tire. One roll should do us fine. Now some of those other folk, now they have more time on their hands…

Part 1 will have more info on the upcoming cache.

Source: Camo discussion at, Cool Cache Containers
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Dirty Pool..

It seems that Quicken users are losing some online functionality. BoingBoing reports:

Quicken disables the software you paid for to force paid upgrades
Norvy sez, “I bought Quicken 2002 when it was the current version. I received a letter in the mail this week telling me that Intuit will be disabling the online bill pay feature for my version because it’s too old!

Me is pissed. It seems that they’re also retiring the QIF file format with another one, which means that if my bank converts, I’ll have to buy the latest version of the software to remain compatible.
Source: BoingBoing
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Awesome day for a few GeoCaches!

After a week or so of -20 (C) temps here in the wild west of Northern Alberta, we are the recipients of a few +3 (C) days…and that means Caching!

Snagged three of them today, with our best buds the Time&Space team – yeah, they’re our neighbours too 😉

On a Tech Note, I’ve been playing with flickr of late – and will have some snaps of today’s expedition posted there (linked here) shortly…if all goes well.

Here’s what we scored today:

Fun Fun Fun!


A New Home

Yep, Brat&Testy have a new home here on We’ve changed ISPs and that means that we’re losing the ability to host our own blogs on our own servers – hence we’re using blogger/blogspot.

What this means – I’ll be slowly porting over the old blog content, but the comments will be lost.

We’re not sure exactly when the cut-over will occur, so you can view the original blog at for a short time longer.