More about Brad Grier

Well here you are. You’ve clicked the link in my Twitter profile and are now wondering more about me. Other than the brief “” descriptor. Fun!

My ‘tweet’ history will give you a pretty good idea about me and what I talk about. But if you’re not yet following me and are considering it, 140 characters isn’t really enough to paint the full picture.

Rather than repeat everything in another pithy post, this page will serve as a repository of online resources that I think best represent me.

…and in turn, I look forward to getting to know you a bit better through your Twitter activity. And your Twitter Profile! That’s one of the things I look at when I receive my ‘new follower’ email notice. I also look at post history, frequency, and follower to following ratio. I know, picky, but there’s a lot of folk on Twitter these days, more coming online every day, and I want to make sure I use the tool at it’s best.

Thanks for looking, and following!



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