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Brad Grier is an Edmonton based communications evangelist, writer, blogger, photographer, and technology aficionado. That’s me to the right.

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7 Replies to “Contact Me”

    You’ve prob­ably heard about Ello, a new, Face­book altern­at­ive that prom­ises to be ad free, and not sell your data. Sounds inter­est­ing, so I’m try­ing it out.
    Given my recent obser­va­tions on Face­book — mostly that the stuff I share there isn’t really seen by my friends who fol­low me there, I thought I’d give Ello a try.
    Of course, it helps if my friends are fol­low­ing me on Ello too!
    So if you’re inter­ested in Ello, let me know by using my con­tact form here. Include your email and I’ll send you an invite.
    Read more about Ello here. And read the Ello mani­festo here!
    Hope­fully I’ll see you on Ello soon!

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