See a need, fill a need.

For a while I’ve been try­ing to find a good tech­no­logy web­site that looks at things from a Cana­dian per­spect­ive. Some­thing like Giz­modo, or Cool Hunt­ing, ars tech­nica or even boing­bo­ing. Nada. So, with that in mind, we’ve launched Canuck­Tek — Cana­dian tech­no­logy news and opin­ion. Cur­rently we have a small staff, and an even […]

When’s the last time you backed up your data?

We spend count­less hours work­ing with our com­puter, cre­at­ing value and stor­ing it to this fra­gile spin­ning disc called a Hard Drive. What hap­pens when thing go bad. Hope­fully, you’ll have tried out the new, free, backup ser­vice called Mozy. You get 2+ GB of stor­age for your backups. Simply down­load the cli­ent, set up […]

Social Networking goes to the Dogs! (think is an inter­est­ing little site that caters to the dog-lov­er in all of us. The concept is one of post­ing a bio of your dog, includ­ing photos..etc. Then, oth­er Dog­ster mem­bers become your pup­pies pals, leave bones..etc. Each pooch then devel­ops its own vir­tu­al com­munity. Yes, Heloise and Selena both have their […]

Social Media / Social Networks?

Inter­est­ing art­icle (via Micro Per­sua­sion) about the main­stream growth and accept­ance of Social Net­work­ing media (web­sites). It seems that even the ven­er­able NHL is get­ting into the action with a pub­lic beta. Aaron Cohen, CEO of Bolt Media, which runs social net­work­ing and con­tent shar­ing site, said that online social net­works are the realm […]

Linklist — July 18, 2006 — Instant, online, freely hos­ted Tiddly­Wiki Bitquis­it­or — What do you get when you com­bine Inquis­it­or and Bit­Tor­rent? Yup, Bitquis­it­or — a really easy way to search mul­tiple sites that index the Bit­Tor­rent file-shar­ing net­work. Tech­nor­ati Tags: wiki, tiddly­wiki, inter­net, free, hos­ted

Linklist — July 12, 2006

Occa­sion­ally, I notice on some of the blogs I read a list of links the author found inter­est­ing for vari­ous reas­ons. Maybe it’s just a handy place for them to keep things for future ref­er­ence (though I find much bet­ter at that sort of thing). Regard­less, it can make sense to have them if […]